Lori Girl Creations to Attend Huge Interior Design Industry Events This Fall

Lori Girl Creations along with founder and president, Lori Miller, will be attending two of the largest events in the interior design industry this fall- Design on a Dime Brooklyn Outpost and High Point Market: Fall Market in North Carolina.

Lori Miller originally started out in the counseling field with a Masters Degree in Counselling and has since switched over to the field of Interior Design, all while carrying over influences from her past work and experiences into her new work.

Lori Girl Creations features stunning home design and furnishings that are cozy and eye catching. With her past experiences, she is able to not only set up a commercial or residential space that is usable and comfortable, but also has a positive effect on the environment one puts their self in. Her designs creates a space that allows for the best impact on her clients’ well being and fulfills their desires, all within their budget!

Take a look at her work on her website, http://www.longislanddesigner.com/



Author: stephanielpz

21 - Five Towns College 2017 - Public Relations Intern

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