Being an intern definitely has its perks, one of them having to listen to music and write about it. Fun and easy, even more so when we’re talking about Brooke Moriber.

The singer, songwriter, and actress has been praised for her “clarion voice” and ability to command attention on whatever stage she’s performing on. Moriber’s voice and look are reminiscent of pop/rock sensations Amy Lee (of Evanescence), Kelly Clarkson, and Avril Lavigne, but her sound remains original and different from anyone topping the charts right now, which gives her a chance to take her rightful spot among today’s biggest names.

Brooke’s single, ‘Fire’ features powerhouse vocals and clean production. For a first release, it sounds like it’s coming from an artist who’s been on the charts for years. ‘Fire’ is sure to make a solid first impression on its listeners.

Her mature voice and raw talent make for a sensational combination. She’s performed in multiple shows as an actress and singer, she’s had music placed in soundtracks, she’s landed commercial spots, she’s performed in venues with her band, and the next step is becoming a pop music household name- should be an easy feat.

Brooke Moriber will be performing in New York City at Rockwood Music Hall on October 26th and her song Fire is currently available for streaming and download. Take a listen. When she sings “I feel inspired”, maybe you will, too!



Author: stephanielpz

21 - Five Towns College 2017 - Public Relations Intern

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