As I’ve said before somewhere on this blog, there are definitely some perks to being an intern. One of those are the tons of events I have the option of attending. This passed weekend, I had the privilege of going to a show at Revolution Bar & Music Hall and “Kill the Light” at Chamber of Horrors.

My fun filled and busy weekend started on Friday night at Revolution in Amityville. Ice Nine Kills turned the place into their own high school prom to match the theme/name of the tour, “Hell in the Hallways”. Some fans came dressed in torn, bloodied gowns and suits to match the theme and the venue had signs hanging up encouraging attendees to “vote for your prom king and queen” and INK even performed in suits, starting their set with a Grease-inspired speech about leaving high school. From the first band’s opening song to the headliner’s, Ice Nine Kills, closing, the crowd was hype and moving. Local bands (and of course their loyal fans) showed up to tear the place up, and that they did! It was a fun show and of course it wouldn’t be the same anywhere else- Revolution just has the right kind of vibe and environment for heavier, harder bands like the six that performed there on Friday and offers a sense of community to the local music scene. The show made me miss the scene I’ve been a part of and I was also able to discover some new bands to listen to which is always a plus.

(Pictured below: Secrets; Out Came the Wolves; Sylar; Ice Nine Kills)

Skip to Sunday, and I was back out at Chamber of Horrors in Hauppauge. The haunted house attraction typically offers three different haunted houses, but on Sunday night they switch things up and combine all three- with every light out- and call it “Kill the Light”. When walking through, you’re only allowed a single glow stick per group. It’s safe to say I urged the couple in front of me to stay close and not forget about us in the back of the group! The jump-scares got me more than once or twice. The vibe of the place was only enhanced by the fun hosts in frightening costumes and awesome make up.



I couldn’t have asked for a more exciting weekend! And I’m definitely looking forward to what my next event holds. 🙂



Author: stephanielpz

21 - Five Towns College 2017 - Public Relations Intern

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