Up and Coming Rapper Sky Katz Releases New Single, Talks About Gun Violence

It’s always refreshing to see young artists talk about important social issues, even more so when they’re spreading a message through their music.

America’s Got Talent contestant and up and coming hip-hop recording artist, Sky Katz, has released singles already, but her latest release, “Long Way to Go” sends a powerful message- End Gun Violence. The message can impact people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, and sexes.

Sky’s lyrical flow is impressive for her age, as is her charismatic and charming stage presence. The future definitely holds exciting things for her, as she’s already working on her album slated for a 2017 release.

See more on Sky Katz, her new single, and he career thus far here.



Dread Marley is a Breath of Fresh Air in the Hip Hop Scene

Dread Marley, formerly known as Elite Motivated, is about to release a new single. Dread Marley’s influences span many artists all with different styles and their own takes on rap music. Marley has already grasped the attention of radio and magazines with his style of music and is sure to bring in more with the release of his new single in the coming weeks.

His music has already gotten plays in clubs around the tri-state area and releasing new content is sure to push him further. Keep your eyes out for his name and let’s see what’s next!